Where the Australian nature meets modern beauty.

Each one of our products are filled with natural Australian ingredients.
They have been used as superfoods and medicines by the Australians for generations.

All Kalimna Soaps are created with respect and attention to the purity of the ingredients that are used.
Each and every one of our soaps contains the essence of Australia within them.

We are working closely with Aboriginal communities to construct and preserve the spirit of Australia,

while also benefiting the people that live off the land, maintaining harmony and balance with man and nature.

What does Kalimna mean?

Kalimna stands for Beauty in the Australian Aboriginal language.

Is Kalimna Skincare an Australian owned brand?

Kalimna Skincare is 100% Australian owned and we also work closely with Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. This allows for confidence within our consumers as they know they are supporting both the Aboriginal and Australian communities.

What sort of ingredients are used in Kalimna Soaps?

We at Kalimna put heavy emphasis on local Australian ingredients and their properties.

We have learnt from our Aboriginal partners that ingredients, such as Kakadu Plum, Lemon Myrtle, Wild Rosella and Australian Pink Clay, etc, have been used in their own communities for generations as medicines.

After further research, we have found staggering results of the positive effects of native Australian plants on the skin and general health.

Then are Kalimna soaps 100% natural?

Kalimna soaps do not contain ANY sort of artificial components. These include Parabens, Sulphates, Palm Oils and Detergents.

Kalimna Skincare soaps are 100% natural and handmade. We use quality ingredients in our products to reflect the best results within our consumers.

Where can I purchase Kalimna soaps?

Currently we only have our online store for purchases, but we are looking to expand into physical stores with our constantly increasing product range.