Wild Rosella

Effective for moisturization and the improvement of skin elasticity.
Wild Rosella Natural Soap contains an abundance of antioxidants and minerals that are essential for skin health. It removes wastes on the skin and restores vitality resulting in improved elasticity.

Since all Kalimna soaps are hand-made, the actual weight may vary between 100g to 130g

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Kalimna Wild Rosella Natural Soap

Wild Rosella is an edible hibiscus common throughout warm climates and thought to be introduced to the tropical north of Australia by Indonesian fishermen thousands of years ago.

The Wild Rosella we source is pure, unadulterated by chemical additives and gathered ethically in accordance with sustainable harvesting methods.

Adding Australian Wild Rosella to soap offers unique astringent and anti-bacterial properties – essential for skin health.

Benefits of Wild Rosella Natural Soap

– High concentrations of Vitamin A

– Anti-Oxidant

– Increase skin firmness

– Treatment of skin inflammation

– Increase skin hydration


Key ingredient

Wild Rosella, Rose Geranium, Shea Butter, Olive Oil

Recommended skin type

Dry to Normal skin

Wild Rosella

– One of the most powerful anti-ageing plant
– Increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost
– Rich in antioxidants

Rose Geranium

– Known for its dermatological use for the treatment of aging, wrinkled
– Has potent antibacterial and anti-fungal abilities
– Boost skin health

Avocado Oil

– Contains potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients that can nourish and moisturize the skin
– The antioxidants and vitamins help to heal the dry, irritated, and flaky skin
– Help wounds to heal more quickly
– Help the skin to retain its elasticity

Shea Butter

– Unique compounds, including vitamins A and E, help protect the skin from environmental damage
– One of the world’s best natural moisturisers
– Enhance the skin’s elasticity, which can help keep cellulite at bay and improve the skin tone

Why Kalimna

We use quality ingredients in our products to reflect the best results within our consumers. Do not contain ANY sort of artificials. These include Parabens, Sulphates, Palm Oils and Detergents.

We work closely with Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. This allows for confidence within our consumers as they know they are supporting both the Aboriginal and Australian communities.

All Kalimna soaps are created with respect and attention to the purity of the ingredients origination from the Australian nature.

100% Australian owned & made

Kalimna products are not tested on animals

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions N/A

100g (9x3x8.5), 50g (6x3x6.5)